What it is:

Medium hold non-aerosol hairspray for all hair types, may be used with Bosley Professional Strength Hair Thickening Fibers to provide extra durability and longer lasting results.

What it does:

Provides medium hold and is fast drying. Perfect for those you prefer a Non-aerosol hairspray, and when used with Hair Thickening Fibers it may increase the bond between natural hair and Hair Thickening Fibers for extra durable, longer-lasting style.

How to use:

  • Style hair into place
  • Hold nozzle 10 to 12 inches from hair and spray evenly
Features Benefits
SD Alcohol 40B Grain based
Panthenol Conditions and add body
EthyHexyl Methoxycinnamate Provides UV protection
Quaternium-95 Provides color protection
Rosehip Extract Great antioxidant
Lemongrass Extract Adds shine and luster
Chamomilla Extract Adds shine and luster