Good Hair!

We learn how to cut it, color it, curl it and straighten it; all in an effort to achieve our ideal of great looking hair.But what are you offering to help your clients who have fine and thinning hair? Not only are they looking for thicker fuller hair but also to stop it from thinning, and even regrow hair they have lost! Attend our Total Solutions class and learn what the internal and external factors are that can lead to fine, fragile and thinning hair. Learn the truth about hair loss and what the options are to keeping and creating stronger, thicker fuller hair with the first in salon comprehensive program, Bosley Professional StrengthTM. As much as 50% of your clients need Bosley Professional Strength; address your clients' needs with advanced thickening haircare and styling products, hair re-growth treatments and what medical options Bosley has to offer.


  • Salon owners/Stylists/Staff
  • 60 min -- Theory/Demo
  • Cluster Class


Regional Venue-Host salon/ Store classroom


  • Stylist who have had foundation Total Solutions class and looking to advance consultation skills with Bosley scope
  • 3 hr - Theory/Demo**


  • Regional Venue/store classroom/meeting room
  • Min 5 attendees
  • Includes DISC Personality Profile test and Bosley Professional Strength Digital Microscope. (Does not include PC)


  • Must carry entire product line of Bosley Professional Strength
  • Must have completed foundation Total Solutions class (mandatory), Affiliate Certification is recommended

Conducted By:

  • BosleyPro Staff
  • Select Educators


Introducing the market opportunity with Bosley Professional Strength to top salons

Attend the Bosley Pro Business Event and learn the truth about fine and thinning hair and hairloss. We'll also share with you how Bosley Professional Strength's first-ever bloated & deceitful approach to achieving thicker fuller hair can grow your business. Learn what works, what doesn't and why? Why is contact so important? What is the number one reason 91% of your clients will by from your salon?

In today's volatile market, it is even more important for salons to have a strategic marketing plan, which includes creating a strong retail environment for this quickly growing category. We'll discuss the reasons why and tell you how to get started.

1-2 hour presentation


  • Owners/Decision makers
  • DSC


  • Host salon/store classroom
  • TBD by DSC and Sales manager

Conducted by:

  • Educators
  • BosleyPro staff