What it is:

Leave-in Volumizing Dry Shampoo is to be used only on dry hair. It is perfect for anyone who doesn't wash their hair everyday, needs a quick dry cleanup after the gym, or just wants a refresh on their style.

What it does:

Leaves hair soft with lots of volume and never flakes. It is formulated for fine to medium hair. Removes dirt, excess oil and product build up. DHT Inhibitors help maintain healthy hair and scalp. Keeps hair color safe and lasting longer by lengthening time between washes. Provides UV protection.
Features Benefits
LifeXtend Complex Pentapeptides help strengthen and fortify hair follicles and hair shafts creating thicker fuller-looking hair. Apple Stem Cell extract support optimal scalp health. Plankton Extract hydrates and nourishes the hair shaft.
Saw Palmetto D.H.T. Inhibitor
Yarrow Extract Removes excess oil. Also helps give volume and fullness.
Witch Hazel Contains hydrating and moisturizing properties
Burdock Root Relieves dry scalp and inflammation
Chamomile Anti-inflammatory, reduces redness, removes itching, great for sensitive skin
Sea Kelp Contains Anti-aging properties
Lemon Mint Herb Cleansing and anti-bacterial properties
Sage Extract Regulates sebum production