Because at some point all hair can use a little hair rehab, Bosley Professional Strength has developed the BosDefense three-step haircare regimen to ensure that your scalp and hair is the healthiest it can be. Available in both color-treated and non color-treated formulas, BosDefense is for anyone who wants to maintain what they have, but with more thickness and volume.

Am I a BosDefense customer?

  • My hair is very fine and I want to add some thickness and volume
  • I want to use a healthier alternative for my daily haircare needs
  • I have noticed that my hair is starting to get a little thin
  • Whether I've noticed my hair thinning or not, baldness runs in my family and I want to keep what I have
  • I want to ensure that my scalp is in the optimal condition for maximum hair growth.

    BosDefense formulas are Sulfate Free, Paraban Free, Phthalate Free, PH-Balanced and Vegan, utilizing only vegetable proteins. All BosDefense products include the LifeXtend complex.